Eid ul-Fitr 2019 Announcement:

Assalamu  Alaikum Wa Rahmatollahi Wa Barakatoh ( Peace be upon you and Mercy of Almighty God and His Blessings). The Islamic Center of Johnstown wishes peace and goodwill to all members, all of our brothers and sisters from all different faiths in our community and all over the world.

May Allah (SWT) accept our prayers and fasting during this holy month of Ramadan. The Islamic Center of Johnstown community will celebrate Eid ul-Fitr on Tuesday, June 4th, 2019 Insha Allah.

This year’s Eid prayers will take place at the Scalp Level Fire Hall next door to the Islamic Center Of Johnstown. The address is 807 Main St, Windber, PA 15963.

Takbeer will begin at 9:30 AM and Salaat will begin promptly at 10:00 AM. After the Eid Salaat, we will go to the Islamic Center for brunch.

Please bring a covered dish and drink to share with the community. We look forward to seeing you all on Eid, Insha Allah. We request everyone to park their vehicles at the Fire Hall.

We wish you all peace and goodwill.

The Islamic Center Of Johnstown.


We welcome you with the islamic greetings “Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh ” (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon you)

Islamic center of Johnstown, PA has been established in 2005 , to promote interfaith harmony and  promote unity among Muslims and deepen their feeling of brotherhood. Towards that goal, the Islamic Center holds congregational prayers, teaching circles, educational programs, and social activities. The Islamic Center provides Muslims and non-Muslims with advice and information about Islam. The Islamic Center is open to all and does not make any distinction based on denomination or sects. The Islamic Center conducts its practices based on the Quran and the sayings and traditions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him, as recorded by his companions, all of whom we respect. Our aim is to promote interfaith harmony and to spread the true meaning of Islam. We welcome everyone, no questions asked, we will be more than glad to talk to you.

Directions: We are located at 809 Main Street, Windber, PA 15963.  From I-76, take Somerset exit, follow 219 North, exit at 756, Scalp Ave. exit, turn left @ Scalp Ave, go about two miles to Scalp Level exit, turn right @ 601, right at TEE, the Islamic Center will be on your left .

Activities at the Islamic Center :  Friday services : Friday prayers are held between  1:15 PM-2:30 PM: All are welcome. There is a short sermon followed by the prayers. We organize community get togethers on Saturdays, when  dinner is served (Potluck) and Maghrib Prayers are offered followed by Halaqa and then ‘Isha prayer. During the month of Ramadan, daily Isha prayer followed by the Taraweeh prayers on each night of Ramadan. Community Iftaar on the Weekends

Other activities :  We organise periodic Saturday classes for Children, Lectures for Adults, Da’wah Services available.

Links: Islamic center welcomes Windber guests  :  http://articles.dailyamerican.com/2005-04-17/news/26342327_1_islamic-center-muslims-arabic-alphabet

General info about Johnstown : http://www.johnstowncafe.com/index.html Visitor attractions : http://www.jaha.org/VisitorResources/attractions.html The inclined plane : http://www.inclinedplane.org/
Johnstown Flood museum: http://www.jaha.org/FloodMuseum/oklahoma.html

Juma Khutbah : 1.30pm every Friday Inshallah
Juma Salath : 2.00pm every Friday Inshallah
Please note that the Juma timings will remain the same irrespective of DST changes Inshallah

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